I usually run six marathons a year, but tight hamstrings threatened to end my marathon season early. My wife convinced me to get a sports massage, and it worked. I got massage for marathon training regularly during the season and I never missed a race. In fact, I had a few PRs!


Fairfax, VA

Marathons, triathlons, criteriums or simply working out at the gym — these activities can lead to tight hamstrings, IT bands and quads. Massage to help running, swimming and biking is one of our specialties.

The reality is exercise can be hard on your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete — muscle injury can cause serious damage that prevents you from exercising at all. You don’t want that, do you? Massage for tight hamstrings, quads, IT bands and plantar fasciitis a great way to keep yourself injury free, able to enjoy your workouts, and performing at your peak.

Our clients often ask when to get massage. Runners, bikers and swimmers can all benefit from regular massage, but the frequency depends on their sport and training. For example, massage for running training when you’re running twenty miles a week may be more frequent than for someone who runs six miles a week. Or massage for triathletes doing an Iron Man may be more frequent than for someone doing a Sprint.

All of our massage therapists have studied sports massage techniques, and many are athletes themselves. They can discuss your training schedule, your goals, and where you are experience tight muscles and develop a massage schedule that is right for you.

Why Sports Massage Works

Why does it work? Sports massage is a therapeutic massage technique that focuses on problem areas like tight hamstring muscles, IT bands, and quads — the muscles most likely to get hurt due to exercise. When your muscles lock up and are tight, they are susceptible to being torn or injured. Sports Massage keeps your muscles loose, which helps you prevent injury during your workouts. It also helps them recover! Your fitness goals determine how often you need massage, but whatever the plan is, massage will help you perform. Our therapists will also recommend exercises to help… if you don’t own a foam roller, it’s a very good purchase. Here are some links to good exercises:

We consider massage for plantar fasciitis sports massage as well, primarily because so many of our sports massage clients experience it. Plantar fasciitis is extremely painful and can derail a training program. Read this article to learn more about plantar fasciitis.

When to see your doctor

While many of the normal aches and pains people experience with exercise are easily treated with rest, ice and massage, you may need to see a doctor if you have swelling, numbness or tingling feelings.

Schedule your sports massage today. Just look at the column to the right. All of our experienced massage therapists have studied sports massage techniques.


Massage for tight IT bands, hamstrings and quads will keep you injury free during your training. Book a sports massage today.

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