100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain (Institute of Medicine of The National Academies). If you are one of them, massage therapy can provide chronic pain relief.


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When you suffer from pain — even minor, yet chronic pain — your body can’t relax. And when your body can’t relax and regenerate, you get stressed, irritable, cranky or upset. Add this to the physical pain you experience, and it is safe to say chronic pain takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on you. Massage to help pain is one of the most common reasons clients come to Rejuvenations.

Chronic Pain Relief for Physical Symptoms

Studies show that massage is one of the most effective methods of chronic back pain relief. Even more so than pharmaceuticals. We see that in the number of clients who ask for trigger point massage for pain. Whether it’s a lumbar spine issue, herniated disk, or some other cause, the muscles of the back tighten as a way to protect the injured area — which ends up causing even more pain. Deep tissue massage, especially using Swedish massage and and trigger point massage for pain release and loosen the pain points.

One study showed that for people who got massage to help pain for ten weeks, daily functioning improved on average between 2 to 4 points on a 23-point scale and pain improved about 2 points on a 10-point scale. More than one-third (36% and 39%) of patients in the study’s massage groups said their pain was nearly or completely gone, compared to 4% in the usual care group (that took traditional medications).

Massage for back aches is not the only chronic pain massage can help: it is good for all muscle aches.

The Emotional Benefits of Chronic Pain Relief

Addressing the physical side of chronic pain relief is important, but massage also greatly benefits the emotional toll chronic muscle aches and pains have on you. Deep tissue massage, especially Swedish and trigger point massage for pain, help. Studies show that massage:

  •      Improves sleep patterns
  •      Creates a general feeling of well-being,
  •      Helps release pent up emotions, and
  •      Reduces anxiety

For example, a study at the Touch Research Institutes, University of Miami School of Medicine, found that massage improved fibromyalgia patients’ moods. Another study by the American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association found that patients reported sleeping better with regular massage: they began sleeping for longer periods at a time and had more restful sleep, thus improving their moods. (Suffer from fibromyalgia? Read more about it.)

How often should you get massage to reap the emotional benefit of addressing chronic pain? It’s different for everyone. What we do know is you’ll get better results if you are on a regular schedule — whether it’s monthly, weekly, or some other formula that works for you. Studies show that a half hour massage a few times a week has tremendous benefit. However, most of our clients who get massage for pain come in monthly for 60 or 90 minutes. The best thing to do is work out a treatment plan with your massage therapist.

Massage for chronic pain relief helps minimize your physical pain and alleviates the stress and anxiety associated with it. When you feel relaxed, your emotional state will be improved and life will seem a little bit brighter.

Our massage therapists are trained in all deep tissue massage methods. Book an appointment today and start feeling good.


If you suffer from chronic back pain, muscle aches, or other chronic pain, massage can help. Book your appointment now.

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