Shannon Smith, LMT

Specialties: Chronic pain due to occupational stress

Superhero Name: “Dagger Fingers” because she is very good at finding the specific spot that needs to be addressed.

Shannon Smith, LMT, has been practicing massage therapy since about 2008. She loves working with clients who have chronic pain and are trying to figure out how to manage it. She enjoys the puzzle of figuring out what’s going on with people and reasoning it out.

She is truly a deep tissue artist, incorporating a range of modalities into her massage. Those dagger fingers of her’s find all of the spots that are giving you trouble so she can take care of them. She enjoys neuromuscular work, and incorporates some sports massage as well, depending on what the client needs.

Shannon is also our massage center general manager, in charge of the behind-the-scenes activities that keep our independent massage center running smoothly (and she is as good at that as she is at the massage therapy).

About Shannon: When she’s not doing awesome therapy or running this place, she can be found singing, cartooning or playing D&D with her husband and friends. Or training her golden retriever puppy, Han (yes, as in Han Solo).

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