Sara Andrews, LMT

Specialties:  Shiatsu Shin Tai, a gentle practice with intense therapeutic results

Superhero Name: Rock-a-bye Punch because she lulls people to sleep and the POW (in a good way)

Sara is a deep tissues massage specialist with a twist—she studies a modality called Shiatsu Shin Tai, which is a way to work on the body that doesn’t require as much pressure, but gets the same results as deep-tissue work. Sara describes it as using a feather-like pressure, and the body completely relaxes.

Sara started performing massage on family members when she was 10 and never stopped. She “belongs to the world of massage.” Sara loves it! She breathes, eats and sleeps massage.

She especially loves working with runners because their legs need help. She is also great with lower back issues. Overall, Sara focuses on helping her clients understand how their daily activities—whether sitting at a desk or running a marathon—impact their bodies, and what to do about it.

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