Rebecca Mabry, LMT

Specialties: “I’m not gonna lie. My specialty is beating people up. I thoroughly enjoy doing it.” And pregnancy massage.

Superhero Name: “Gangster” because, well, we really don’t want to know.

Some of us call her Becky, but she prefers Rebecca. That’s the first thing you should know about her. Rebecca has almost 14 years experience as a massage therapist, using traditional therapeutic massage techniques interspersed with a variety of unique methods she has studied over the years (including Japanese Cranial Sacral Therapy). She has advanced training in pregnancy massage and has “discovered a particular affinity” for it.

She discovered her passion for massage almost as a fluke. She claims not to like people, especially not touching strangers. But she was looking for career direction, and a friend suggested massage therapy. For reasons she still doesn’t know, she gave it a try. And within weeks of starting school, realized it was her calling.

What she loves is being able to help people who are dealing with something—stress, pain, or just the difficulty of life—feel better. And she gets to help them by giving their muscles a vigorous workout (a Rebecca massage is not usually a relaxation massage).

Her clients love her—she has some clients who have been with her since she became a therapist, despite the fact they often audibly plot her death while she is working on them. Her technique works because they come back for more.

My specialty: I love the fact that you pay me to do it. I think it’s great fun. As for my clients, I have mixed reviews. Actually they all come back, but the entire time that they’re doing it they’re, you know, audibly plotting my death or using words that would make a sailor blush, telling me how much they hate me. And I’m cackling the entire time. And then they come back next week. So that’s one of the specialties I like to do.

The other one is pregnancy massage. She started doing it while working at a facility that specialized in pre- and post-natal massage, and discovered that she really like helping people who were growing humans inside them.

About Rebecca: Her primary interests are her three Pit Bulls and her family. Recently she’s taken up biking and is enjoying that.

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