Kimberly Brady, LMT

Superhero name: The Prodigy, because when one client got on her table he said he could tell Shannon and Rick had trained her and she would soon be “as great at killing” him as those too.

Specialty: deep tissue massage with a sports focus

After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, Kimberly decided to go into massage therapy.

She feels that her background in exercise science helps her tremendously as a massage therapist.

She focuses on deep tissue massage, and has recently started studying myofascial work. Her ideal client is someone experiencing lower back and hamstring (or any leg) pain. She feels like many of the issues stem from the core, and that presents in these lower body issues.

Kimberly loves when people come in with an issue that they want fixed because it gets her gears turning. She has to think about the cause and how to address that. Her clients would say she’s not the nicest because she works deep (but they love her when it’s over and come back for more).

Hobbies: crafting anything that really requires being hands-on

Fun fact: she got engaged in Disney World in front of the Magic Kingdom, so that is forever going to be her happy place.

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