Keenan Wiley, LMT

Specialties: Keenan loves helping people with glute, hamstring, back, and neck pain. In fact, she has created some techniques to help alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders.

Superhero Name: “The Professor” because she likes to school people (in a good way, like teaching them techniques for self-care).

As a former athletic trainer, Keenan loves working with athletes. She also loves geriatric massage. Read on to learn why.

Keenan loves making people feel better. She loves the way they smile, and glow with that massage drunk feeling.

When she was an athletic trainer, she loved working with basketball players, runners, football players and gymnasts—but she loves working with anyone who does sports. She loved the rehab especially—getting someone injured up and moving again.

Her love of geriatric massage started when her grandmother lived in a nursing home. When she visited the facility, her heart would break seeing the people slumped over in their wheelchairs. She realized that therapeutic massage could really help, and show them there are people who haven’t forgotten them. They need to be shown love.

Keenan may love sports and geriatric massage, but she became a massage therapist because as a breast cancer patient, she received massage that made her feel amazing. She wanted to share that with others.

Her favorite thing: when clients come in slouched over, suffering from pain and her massage opens them up and makes them feel great. She loves seeing how their burdens have lifted and are eager to get back to life.

When she isn’t at Rejuvenations Massage, she is definitely doing something. She cannot sit still at all. If she isn’t cleaning, she’s walking or on her yoga mat. She likes to maintain her own health so that she is in 100% top shape to help her clients.

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