We are proud to have made it through the pandemic with a perfect safety record: not one instance of COVID at Rejuvenations. That is because our team and our clients have been amazing during this time.

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, the Governor has left it up to businesses to determine their own policies. The reality is that COVID is here stay, and we all have to choose our own risks. Here is what we are doing at Rejuvenations to continue keeping our staff and clients as safe as we can.

Covid-19 Vaccination

We require all staff to be fully vaccinated. That means either two does of Pfizer or Moderna, or boosted Johnson and Johnson. 

Wearing Masks at Rejuvenations

At this time, our staff are wearing masks. We do not require clients to wear masks, but highly recommend it (even if vaxxed and boosted). 

We will continue to conduct a verbal health screening upon arrival. We will ask if you have had any fever or respiratory illnesses or symptoms, and if the answer is yes we will ask you to come back another time. 

Staff Protocols

  1. We will continue the cleaning and sanitizing protocols we adopted during COVID: blankets will be one-time use, use UV filters in the rooms, disinfect each room between uses.
  2. All Rejuvenations staff must be Fully Vaccinated. Our ability to relax rules for the public AND keep us safe requires this.
  3. Staff continue wearing masks while performing massage if they choose—we have found wearing masks significantly reduced the number of colds staff got!