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We will be closed indefinitely as of Sunday, March 22, 2020

3-19-2020: We will be open through Saturday, and closing on Sunday until the general public consensus is that it is safe to reopen. We anticipate being closed for 30 days. We will post any new information and/or changes here for you.

Many clients have asked how  they can support us, and other small businesses. Purchasing gift certificates and scheduling appointments for future dates are both extremely valuable right now.  Rick will be taking calls, so if you have any questions, please call us at 703.437.9059.

Thank you so much for your support.

Pain isn’t normal.

Have you been living in pain for so long you barely notice it anymore?

Our purpose is to help you live pain-free. Whether it’s joint aches, sore muscles, or stress, you don’t have to live with pain. We believe deep tissue massage can help you live a pain-free life. Using a combination of therapeutic massage modalities, our skilled deep tissue massage therapists work out the knots and tension and help you relax. Come visit us to achieve your new normal: feeling good and relaxed.


My therapist has worked some miracles on what was a chronic pain issue in my upper back and neck. We had a lot to fix and it took a couple months, but I’m pain free which is a first in a long time!

B. H.

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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue, relaxation, sports, pre/post surgical, medical.

  • 30 minutes, $69
  • 60 minutes, $112
  • 90 minutes, $161
Pregnancy Massage

prenatal and postnatal

  • 60 minutes, $112
  • 90 minutes, $161
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  • Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m
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  • Sunday: 11 a.m.  to  6 p.m

Closed for Federal holidays. We also close for significant weather, such as blizzards or hurricanes.  If you have an appointment, please call 703-436-9059 to see if we are open. We will also call you should we need to close.

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I had such bad sciatic back pain being four months pregnant that I could not walk properly. After my first prenatal massage, I was able to walk normally again. The place is calming and cleansing. The customer service is fantastic. My therapist is always very attentive to my comfort and pregnancy needs while providing great relief for muscle and sciatica pain.


Herndon, VA

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Meet the talented deep tissue massage artists of Rejuvenations Massage Therapy. Located in Herndon, VA, our team is comprised of nationally certified, licensed massage therapists. They are all dedicated to their work and pursue continuing education credits regularly. Scroll down to learn more about them. Click here to book an appointment today.

Patrick Curtin, LMT, is a master of balancing the body, a knowledge he brings to the massage table. His style is slow and patient, allowing the muscles to release under his firm but even pressure. Our lead therapist, Shannon says his style is the most like hers she’s ever seen (high praise indeed!). Patrick is particularly interested in helping people regain balance through a range of therapeutic techniques. “Wow” and “I feel amazing” are the most common pieces of feedback we hear!
Keenan C. Wiley, LMT is a graduate of the Denver School of Massage Therapy. Keenan has a B.A in Human Performance and Sports Science, and a talent for assessing root causes of pain and other physical issues. Her listening skills related to your goals and customizing the session around that are second to none. She sees herself as a partner in reducing your pain or injury recovery. Her knowledge of the body and how therapeutic massage addresses a variety of issues is impressive.
Kara Doles, LMT has been practicing massage for more than ten years. Kara loves doing trigger point and cross-fiber friction work to get the knots out. Her style is to use a lot of long, sympathetic strokes to access the relaxation part so that the client can better receive the deeper work. Her favorite clients are “those poor souls who work the desk all week, the people who are crouched in front of a computer who really need stuff worked out of their neck.” Kara got into massage because she dealt with some stress and anxiety early in life and discovered that massage and reflexology really helped with it. Now she helps other people realize those benefits.
Mia Cardone, LMT has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2014. A graduate of the Central Maryland School of Massage, she practices a variety of therapeutic massages techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and enhanced muscle therapy. As a runner and a person with chronic pain, she is passionate about helping clients create total wellness plans to help the find relief from a variety of ailments.
Rebecca Mabry, LMT, has 15 years experience as a massage therapist and has a passion for healing through therapeutic touch. She uses traditional therapeutic massage techniques interspersed with a variety of unique methods she has studied over the years (including Japanese Cranial Sacral Therapy). Rebecca has advanced training in pregnancy massage (for which she has “discovered a particular affinity”) and oncology massage. Rebecca is a graduate of the Heritage Institute in Falls Church, VA.
Colin Fitzgibbon, LMT loves pairing his massage therapy with deep breathing to help clients reduce stress and achieve balance. His strong pressure and therapeutic approach combine with the breathing achieves amazing results, and his clients love it.

Colin attended the Educating Hands School of Massage, and has studied deep tissue, NMT/Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Emotional Release, and Breath work. Colin has a degree in anthropology from the University of Miami and speaks Spanish.

Sara Andrews, LMTShe enjoys working with people who are open to new types of massage and who have some sort of injury from which they cannot unlock. As a graduate of Virginia’s PMTI, she studied modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point, and Swedish massage. She has also studied Shiatsu Shin Tai, a modality that addresses the body as a whole, finding imbalances and fixing them. She uses stretches and muscle manipulation to help people who suffer from pain get better.
Shannon Smith, LMT’s specialty is helping people reduce pain and stress through a set treatment plan that includes focused work for a specific goal. She enjoys working with clients who have chronic pain due to occupational stress—either from using their muscles too much or not enough. Shannon is a graduate of the Heritage Institute. She is also our general manager, in charge of the behind-the-scenes activities that keep an independent massage center like ours running smoothly (and she is as good at that as she is at the massage therapy).
Sara Reynolds, LMT is not only an experienced massage therapist, she is a certified athletic trainer. Her experience working as an athletic trainer taught her new ways to look at injury and treatment, which she uses in her massage therapy. She is eager to use her skills to help people prevent and recover from injury—whether it’s from sports, play, or working in an office all day. Sara graduated from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage and is a certified medical massage practitioner. She specializes in deep tissue therapies, including rotator cuff release, trigger point therapy, and sports massage. Sara fills in as needed, so watch the schedule for surprise appearances!
Jenny Fu, LMT, graduated from the East-West Institute of Hand Therapy in Los Angeles, CA—a rigorous and extensive massage program—in 2007. Before immigrating to the United States, she completed six months of medical school. Jenny is passionate about her work, and in helping people relieve chronic pain and chronic stress. She intuitively knows how to work out each individual client’s problems, and is a skilled deep tissue therapist and has advanced training in pregnancy massage.
Kimberly Brady, LMT, is a graduate of the American Massage & Bodywork Institute, she has received training in Swedish, Sports Massage, and other therapeutic modalities. In addition to massage therapy, Kimberly has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Shenandoah University. This education, along with her experience as a collegiate athlete, has given her additional knowledge of how different muscle groups are associated with certain movements. She uses her combined training and experience to incorporate range-of-motion techniques into her massage and to provide more detailed treatment solutions to help her clients reach their desired results.

Since 2014, Jeanie Webb, LMT, has combined her compassion and therapeutic massage skills to provide a mindful and engaged massage experience that leaves her clients feeling amazing. Her warm personality and charming light southern accent  instantly put her clients at ease. Jeanie is a problem solver. So, whether doing deep tissue work or helping her client relax, she listens to the client and focuses on what they ask her to work on.

In addition to massage therapy, Jeanie is certified in CPR. She has been a Hospice volunteer for many years, providing emotional support and being a caring presence in the patient’s life. She has also taught English to refugees, helping their transition to their new life.

In Jeanie’s  own words:

Massage is my calling. I am interested in, and continue to learn about, not only the superficial physical healing that takes place, but also the deeper somatic experiences, the whole mind/body/spirit healing possible when releasing physical tension.

It is my intention to be fully present with each and every client, being mindful as I move through the massage and responding in the moment and  making adjustments as I go. Massage is a dynamic and live experience, you cannot provide quality massage using a canned/ cookie cutter method. Even the same client changes from session to session, how much more client to client. Each massage must be uniquely tailored for that individual’s specific needs.  

I believe it is our responsibility as therapists to help educate our clients so that not only may they experience more physical ease but also so that they may make more informed choices for themselves, enhancing their overall lifestyle. 

I have been told many times that I have the ability to put clients at ease whether they are new to massage, have concerns about pain, or have reservations for any reason. I have also been told I am very professional, and this is something I strive for. I am an effective listener/communicator and am genuinely interested in the well being of my clients. 

I think probably what I do best is what I describe as firm, slow, gentle deep tissue, easing into the layers, allowing the tissue time to release. It is very effective. I move very slow and intentionally, LISTENING and communicating as I go. Don’t let the word gentle be misleading, that is a key component for effective release. I have a loving, compassionate touch and am authentically present for each client. 

I have been getting massages for years and just found Rejuvenations Massage Therapy last week.  My therapist is wonderful.  She really listened to me and focused on my problem areas.  I felt better than I had in months. I already have an appointment with her next week.


Ashburn, VA