Emily Kohler, LMT

Emily Kohler went to PMTI for massage therapy school.

Emily became a massage therapist in her 20s because she realized she wanted to do something meaningful for her work. She loves helping people and loves helping them feel better. 

“I like when someone comes in feeling stressed or possibly in pain and seeing how much better they feel when the leave. That always gives new meaning in my work.”


Emily likes to work with clients who are engaged with their bodies through exercise. She works out a lot and does yoga because it makes her feel great. 

She also has a passion for working with pregnant women. Her first advanced training was in pregnancy massage because she wanted to make that a part of her practice. 

“I think my clients would describe my work as thorough and I do try to listen to exactly what people are saying when they come in to see me for a session. I like to address specific goals with my clients.”


And which house would she be in at Hogwarts? Ravenclaw because she is a “brainy brunette.”

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